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Glass Millefiori beads(thousand flower beads) have been as far back as the 15th century. It was not until the early 19th Century that they were widely made. In Venice, where they are made, they are known as MOSAIC beads. They were given the name of Millefiore beads after the word "Millefiori" which means "a thousand flowers." The making of a Millefiori bead actually involves two different craftsmen. The first step, making the cane is done in a glass factory. The mosaic slices or chips of this cane which are called murrine, are then sold to the bead maker who places the chips onto a wound glass core. Sometimes only a few chips are places, or the bead can be covered. There are thousands of different designs of Millefiori beads. A great gift or start a collection.

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