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1. Can you ship me a paper catalog?

No. At this time we do not offer a paper catalog. We hope to offer one in the future, so feel free to get on our mailing list by sending us an email with your postal address. We can send you a price list of our beads in Microsoft Excel format via email, but not in paper form. However, the pricing and availability of all beads should be checked on the web site, as both are subject to change.


2. What is your privacy policy?

We do not share any information about our customers with others, with the exception of information required to process their orders (or when requested by a government health or law enforcement agency in the course of an investigation.) We do not send SPAM email, but we do send email to our customers with order confirmation, tracking number information, or questions regarding their order.


3. How long have you been in business?

We have been open since 1998.


4. Do you have a minimum order amount?

Yes! But you may place a trial order when we make contract at first ! There is not minimum order amount !


5. How much is freight?

Freight is determined by UPS on orders shipped in the US. An estimate is given at checkout, but this is only an estimate because the site cannot determine the size of a box. On air freight, these estimates may be much higher than the actual freight will be if the box is small. Freight is charged manually and not by the estimate given at checkout.


6. How do you handle orders where you run out of stock on an item?

We ship what we have in stock, and adjust your charges accordingly. If you want to back-order the item, we will be glad to do so, but require your specific instruction to put an item on back-order status. Back-order purchases are made on our normal buying schedule, which may be several months. There is no guarantee that the item's price will be the same or that we will be able to replenish our supply. If you don't receive all the items you ordered, and wish to back-order the out-of-stock items, please be sure to let us know that you wish to have the items back-ordered (shipped at a later date when they are available.) You may send an email, if you did not indicate it on your order, to Back-order payments are required


7. If I return items, will my shipping costs be refunded?

No, only the purchase price will be refunded.


8. How do I return an item?

Return the items packaged so they do not break in transit, this means they are padded and don't shift in the package. You will need to include your "order number" in the package. No special authorization number is required.


9. Can you send me some sample beads?

No. We do not supply sample beads, you may place a trial order at first,Feel free to order just one of any item to determine your satisfaction.


10. Are the prices wholesale?

All prices are wholesale I offer to you! So there are not any discount!


11. Do I have to place my order online, or do I have other options?

At present, You can place an order by emailing us at or send us a fax at (+86-20-87470499); or phone an order in by calling (+86-20-87470490) (Our office hours are 9:00 AM--21:00 PM, Monday through Sunday )


12. Why can't you reply to my AOL email address?

AOL uses very agressive anti spam filters. While it is great for reducing spam it causes major problems for legitimate business emails which are also flagged as spam by AOL. We do not want our AOL customers to think that we did not reply to their inquiry when the truth is that we did reply but AOL bounced it. AOL tells us that the end user (you) has the ability to control the agressiveness of their personal spam filter. However, it has been our experience that most AOL users do not know this and do not have their email set to be able to receive our responses to your inquiry.


13. What is mm?

mm is abbreviated for millimeter. 25.4 millimeters is approximately 1 inch.


14. What is MOQ?

MOQ is abbreviated for minimum order quantity.


15. What is mm?

T/T is wire transfer, a payment method. At present, we only accept wire transfer.


16. Why do we ask for your phone number and/or email address?

We ask for this information in the event we have questions and need to contact you about your order. Occasionally we do not have what you ordered in stock, or maybe we aren't clear about the information in your order. A phone number or email address allows us to contact you. It is our policy to keep your information completely private. We do not (and will not in the future) share our customer information with any other party. If you still prefer not to provide us with this information we will still do our best to fill your order to the best of our ability. If you do not receive your order within a reasonable amount of time please call us to verify that there was no problems in filling your order.


17. How many beads come on a strand?

Most strands we sell are 16 inches in length unless otherwise specified. Some strands may be shorter or longer than the specified length. The price per strand is calculated on the quality of the entire strand, not the number of beads it contains. You can estimate how many beads will come on a strand using the following example. There are approximately 400mm in 16 inches. If the bead dimension is 20mm, then you would divide 400mm by 20mm to get 20 beads per 16 inch strand. Please keep in mind that there may be some pieces that do not suit your needs for a specific project. You may want to figure in some extra beads for this reason.


18. What are the dimensions of the item?

The order table for the product will show the dimensions. All sizes shown are in millimeter. You may want to have a ruler that measures in millimeters so that you will know what size to order. The actual size of some beads in a strand may vary. This is normal for natural, hand-made beads.