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These beads have a fascinating crazed crackle look to them. Great for adding interest, texture, variety to your designs!
Crackle beads get their name from their "cracked" appearance giving them a unique and delightful veined look. Whether you are creating an elegant or sassy look, crackle beads are fun to work with as each one is slightly different.Beads look like cracked ice, the process was invented by the Venetians in the 16th century. It involves heating, cooling and reheating the glass. Some plasma lamps contain beads, bits and pieces of broken glass, or other material that impedes the shortest-path straight-line flow of the plasma. This generally causes the plasma to jump, crackle, and move around. phosphors
Some crackle tubes are filled with beads that are coated with  phosphors that add different colors. A tube may contain beads that are all phosphor-coated, or uncoated beads. Uncoated beads are not necessarily clear. These crackle beads are unimpressive under white light.
Crackle glass is immersed in cold water while it is molten hot, thereby cracking the glass. The glass is then reheated and molded into the shape the glass maker desires. The reheating and coating of the glass seals the cracks -- the cracks create a multitude of reflective surfaces which displays sparkle with every movement.

Crackle glass beads

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